Celebrating the Memory of 1812

Posted April 21, 2013  by Naturally in Niagara Source

Niagara’s proud military history will continue to be celebrated this spring and summer, according to announcements made recently by the 1812 Legacy Council.  Don’t miss these exciting War of 1812 events!

The Battle of Beaverdams Commemorative Weekend

From June 22-24, two of the most important events of the War of 1812 will be remembered in exciting detail.  To begin, Laura Secord’s epic trek to warn Lieutenant James Fitzgibbon and the Green Tigers of the Americans’ plans to attack local businessman and Militia Captain John DeCew’s house will be re-enacted and celebrated in Queenston and Thorold.

Later that same weekend, the Battle of Beaverdams – the only battle of the war fought almost entirely by First Nations warriors – will be re-enacted by the 49th Regiment of Foot, Canadian Military Heritage Society.  Featuring an authentic War of 1812 encampment at DeCew House, with pickets, tents, patrols, and even musket demonstrations the soldiers will occasionally drill, while First Nations representatives tell their story, and vendors in the park showcase various aspects of 1812 life. Visitors will enjoy great food and music, as well as the Ontario Guild of Town Criers’ Annual Provincial Town Crier competition. Criers from around the Province will ‘cry’ about Laura Secord and the War of 1812 from Thorold’s perspective as well as that of their own home-towns.

On Saturday, be sure to view a special 18-minute movie about the Battle of Beaverdams at the Thorold Public Library from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and on Sunday, attend a joint multi-denominational 1812 church service, followed by a family picnic, complete with 1812 vintage children’s games.

A Battle of Beaverdams memorial event to honour those who died at that historic battle, will be held on Monday, at Battle of Beaverdams Park on Sullivan Avenue in downtown Thorold.

More event announcements will follow. Visit www.battleofbeaverdams.com for on-going details, maps and schedules.

A Tall Order

Catch a taste of the fresh breeze when the Tall Ships sail into the Port Dalhousie harbour on Canada Day weekend.  Not one but three spectacular tall ships – the Lynx, The Pride of Baltimore II, and the Unicorn – sailed by an all-female crew – will be at the pier and available for tours. Come sail away!

Niagara’s On Fire!

On December 7, an exciting 20 minute video sound and light show commemorating the historic burning of Niagara-on-the-Lake 200 years ago will be projected on the side of the courthouse, next to a square that will accommodate up to 500 people.  There’s no need to rush for your spot – the video will be looped and shown every half hour.

The Engagement at the Forty

On June 8, be sure to be on hand at the Grimsby 1812 Peace Garden and Park at the corner of Elizabeth St and Lakeside Drive for an entertaining 1812 Bicentennial Land and Water Re-enactment. You’ll love the period dancing and children’s role playing, as well as a performance by the Grimsby Pipe Band, and musket and artillery demonstrations. When the British regulars, Lincoln militia, and Indian allies disembark from boats at 3pm and engage a U.S. artillery Company holding a strong position at the mouth of Forty Mile Creek, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported back in time to 1812!