"Crossing Boundries: Niagara's Creative Spirit"
Niagara is a Cultural Capital of Canada for 2012,
during the Bicentennial

                    Cultural Capital Award

Announced on October 14, 2011, the Niagara region shares the title with Calgary, Alberta.
The press release from Niagara Region Headquarters:


Niagara Region, Oct. 14, 2011 - The designation of Niagara as a Cultural Capital of Canada, announced today by the government of Canada, will bring lasting benefits to the region, according to Regional Chair Gary Burroughs.

"This new honour will further showcase Niagara's exciting cultural community and the great support it enjoys from our residents and visitors," said Burroughs. "The federal investment that comes with the designation will enable us to strengthen and further develop our cultural future."

As a Cultural Capital of Canada, Niagara will be the site of a year-long celebration with the theme "Crossing Boundaries: Niagara's Creative Spirit." The application for the a Cultural Capital designation, developed by Niagara Region, included more than two dozen projects to be undertaken together with community partners.

The application included a commitment from the Niagara Region to invest $670,000 in cultural activities if successful.

Niagara Region will be actively involved in nearly every aspect of these public celebrations, helping to fund, plan, create, run, publicize and oversee them in tandem with its partners. The activities involve a wide range of groups, forms of cultural expression and events in every part of Niagara. Projects will involve dance, theatre, nights of art, history walks, after-school arts and culture programs, an interactive media display on the Welland canal, a Native women's history exhibit, a traditional lacrosse game featuring players from Niagara's history, a virtual museum of Niagara and a newly commissioned choral work. All will be open to the public, and most will be free or have a nominal charge.

This rich and diverse program of activities will bring many benefits to Niagara. These include:

Increased tourismNew opportunities for residents and visitors to see and experience Niagara's cultural attractions and assetsNew access for children and youth to cultural activities through school or after-school programsIncreased awareness of Niagara's history, identity and creativity among provincial, national, and international audiencesA legacy that will further assist Niagara Region in implementing its comprehensive Niagara Culture Plan to bolster the region's culture industries

"As a Cultural Capital of Canada in 2012, we invite everyone to experience the ways our dynamic culture can lead you across the boundaries of Niagara's rich past, exceptional present and bright future," said Burroughs.

For more information, contact:

Darrell Neufeld
Niagara Region
905-685-4225 ext. 3813

Terri Donia
Niagara Region
905-685-1571 ext. 3374