May ’13

The Battle of Fort George

Re-enactors from all over North America descended upon Fort George to re-enact one of the pivotal events in Niagara during the War of 1812. This commemorative weekend included an evening "bombardment" with a spectacular sound and light show, finishing with fireworks!

May 25 & 26:
The Fort was open from 10:00am-5:00pm all weekend with demonstrations happening throughout the day. People were invited to visit the fort and re-live what it was like for men and women living in the Headquarters for the Center Division of the British Army in Canada during the War of 1812. Music, Muskets, Canons and more.

Saturday, May 25:
2:00pm – “The Battle of Fort George – Pt I” Re-enactment. Parks Canada recreated the Initial stages of the Battle that happened 200 years ago. The Battle  took place on “The Commons” just outside the Fort.

9:00pm – “The Bombardment of Fort George” 200 years to the day they re-created the U.S. bombardment of Fort George that left the Fort in a burnt ruin. It was an artillery, pyrotechnic, sound and light show that ended with a grand fireworks display.

Sunday May 26:
10:00am – Parade through Historic Niagara on the Lake. Soldiers from both sides paraded through the down town of Niagara-on-the-Lake as they would have 200 years ago.

2:00pm – “The Battle of Fort George – Pt. II” Re-enactment. The conclusion of the Battle as British troops retreated out of the area and U.S. forces occupy Niagara. The Battle will took place on “The Commons” just outside the Fort.

Monday, May 27:
Commemoration Ceremony – On the exact date on the actual battlefield site Parks Canada paid tribute to all who fell at the Battle of Fort George. This was at the Niagara Rifle Range on Lakeshore Road.

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