Aug ’14

The Siege of Fort Erie

Canada's largest annual War of 1812 re-enactment was nothing short of spectacular as it was commemorated for its 200th anniversary in 2014.

Old Fort Erie

What took place

The Niagara Parks Commission proudly presented the 28th annual Siege of Fort Erie in its 200th anniversary year. The Siege is the largest annual 1812 re-enactment in North America. Fort Erie was the bloodiest battlefield after the Siege on August 14, 1814.

This 200th anniversary event saw the most people attend (over 5,000) and attracted over 1,100 re-enactors from across North America. For this special year, Niagara Parks (with help from the 1812 Legacy Council) had a large video screen facing the public, where they could watch the live feed being filmed by TV Cogeco. Also that year, the evening capture of the fort incorporated pyrotechnics which literally added some ‘bang’ to the explosion of the fort’s battery.

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