Jul ’14

Battle of Lundy’s Lane 200th Commemorative Event

The public were invited to participate in marching for the British or American militia, in red and blue t-shirts, and then converged on the battlefield to witness a theatrical performance, commemorating one of the bloodiest battles during the War of 1812.

Lundy's Lane Battlefield, Drummond Hill Cemetery

This was a collaborative effort among various groups in Niagara Falls. The City, the Niagara Falls 1812 Task Force, the Lundy’s Lane Historical Society, the Legacy Council, nExt Company Theatre, various re-enactor groups, the Lundy’s Lane BIA and more…

Because of the unique situation of the location of the battlefield (being downtown Niagara Falls), there wasn’t an actual re-enactment. Instead, the public was invited to “enlist” and march from opposite sides of the city to converge on the battlefield (at Drummond Hill Cemetery), where an interactive theatrical performance took place. You were given a red shirt or a blue shirt to be a part of the British or American militia. Preceding the walk, a formal ceremony took place with the Lundy’s Lane Historical Society and local dignitaries. Following that a ceremonial wreath laying took place just before the participants arrived. There was also a┬áreunion and plaque laying by the 5th US Infantry at Drummond Hill Cemetery.┬áThousands of people attended and the first couple hundred were given a collector’s coin..

Also in conjunction with the 200th anniversary, the large memorial archway over Lundy’s Lane (between Drummond Rd and Main St) was unveiled / dedicated. This spectacular legacy project will forever remind drivers and passersby about the bloody battle that unfolded on the infamous hill.

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